• These are the ministries & communities that make up HIC.

      Children’s Ministry serves Jesus by studying the Bible together with children
      Leader: Elizabeth Cho handongsundayschool@gmail.com

      Youth Ministry has Bible study, games, and fun with youth (grades 7-12).
      Leader: David Lee dilee88@gmail.com

      Prayer Force has a vision that every Christian will be a praying Christian.
      Leader: Shirley shirleyvbee@gmail.com

      Usher Ministry learns Jesus’ servant-hood by preparing the Sunday morning service and church events.
      Leader: Sumee Lee sandrasumee@gmail.com

      English Praise Team desires to worship God in Spirit and Truth through music to the glory of God our Father.
      Leader: Daniel Chong hicept@gmail.com

      Mongolian Community
      Leader: Bayasaa baysaa_123@yahoo.com

      African Community
      Leader: Zack Gatune zgatune2001@yahoo.com

      Cambodian Community
      Seokhoon chan_seokhoon@yahoo.com

      Spanish-speaking Community
      Leader: Mario mariobendezu@gmail.com

      MK Community
      Leader: Grace Park nae_kyuthtae_eetho@hotmail.com

      If you would like to join a ministry or community, contact the group leader.